Fresh Fish!

We would like to let you all know that we have 3 new fish that will only be on our menu for a limited time.  Our new fish are Wild Copper River Salmon from Alaska, fresh Pacific Bluefin Tuna, and fresh Japanese Black Cod.  Come enjoy these special fish before it’s too late! Continue reading Fresh Fish!

Our Yelp Reviews!

Our fans have got the inside scoop on Kazoku! FOUR and a HALF out of FIVE Stars! I just visited yesterday during the happy hour and I LOVED this restaurant! There was nothing to complain about. The menu is so diverse, I had such a hard time choosing what to get because everything looked soooo … Continue reading Our Yelp Reviews!

Infomation to Ponder on…

Chef’s Reveal Most Overrated & Underrated Fish Article What does Sushi Grade Mean/Types of Fish/Where to Buy Article Ramen Article (where to buy, popular ramen bowls, etc.) Yakitori Article (popular yakitori, where to eat it, etc.) Continue reading Infomation to Ponder on…


Yakitori Recipes: The Mind of a Chef: Yakitori Negima Yakitori Recipe Ramen Recipes: Ramen Noodle from Scratch Recipe Miso Ramen Recipe Sushi Recipes: Sushi Rice Recipe Dragon Roll Recipe Continue reading Recipes